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Free Website Design Questionnaire

June 07, 2021
web development image

Starting a new website can be an intimidating process. Where do you even start, how do you define the focus of your website, and how do you create a logical customer journey? 

For web designers and web design companies this is like second nature. They don’t even think about it, they just do it. This is probably the same for what you currently do. But just because you do not design websites for a living it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare like the pros. 


We’ve developed a super intuitive framework that helps you bring clarity to the direction in which you want to take your new website.  

The idea behind creating this framework was to help you really understand your project prior to hiring a web designer or starting your own design journey.  

Answering these questions will really help you focus on what matters and will help you discard distractions. 


Download your copy right here:



The better you understand the direction in which you want to take your website, the better you’ll understand and control your overall costs. 


Please note: if you need clarification or assistance creating your new website, just send me an email: 



Website design project questionnaire:




Do you have an existing domain? indicate if yes or no  (a domain is 


If you do have a domain name, write it down and add the name of your domain registrar for later reference. 

If you do not have a domain or do not know what a domain is, you can learn all about domains in our article titled what is a domain and how can I get one.  learn all about domains in our article titled  

We go over the 2 domain name providers and give you a secret as to who you should go with (hint: it’s Google ðŸ˜‰). 


Do you have a hosting provider yet? Indicate yes or no. 


Hosting is the service that contains all your website files so your website is available to people. Indicate if you already bought a hosting service for later reference.

If you do not know what hosting is and would like to know who to go with, you can learn all about hosting here:  web hosting: a review of the top 3 providers. 

We go over the top 3 providers in the US and review their affordable hosting plans. 


Do you have a business logo? Indicate yes or no.


Your logo will play an important role in the web design process. Be sure to indicate if you have a logo already and if you do not, you can get one here: 


Affordable Logo Design: 


·          Get a beautiful logo to represent your company 

·          Get multiple mockups so you can select the one you like the most (you can provide your own logo suggestions as well) 

·          Get unlimited revisions – we won’t stop designing until you are happy or your money back period 


For just $35.00.


Did you select your website colors already? 


The colors you select for your website have a huge impact in influencing the decision-making process. Learn all about selecting the best website colors here: how to pick website colors that pop! 


Will you be offering services? Or will you be offering products? 


This is where we start to get into the fun details. It’s important to differentiate whether you’ll be selling services or products. This helps you define the primary direction and purpose of your new website.

Indicate services or products for later reference. 


Will you be selling right from your website or will customers need to get a quote from you first? 


Another important decision. If you have set prices for your services or products you can make it super easy for prospects to order and pay for your offerings right on your new site. But if each customer interaction is different and each time you need to provide a custom quote, you can create multiple ways for prospects to get in touch with you via contact forms, live chats, bots, popup forms, exit forms, etc. 

Indicate whether you want for prospects to be able to check out right away or if each interaction will require contacting you for a custom quote. 


Please list your navigation menu â€“ the nav menu is the main menu on every website (add the most important tabs for your intended customer in the nav menu):  


Forget about old school menus, be different. Look at my nav menu, it’s very intuitive. Think of what’s important for the visitor and make it as easy to find as possible – add it to the nav menu if you can. 


Do you already have content for all your service/product pages, or will you need to have content created? 


Content creation is king my friend. Without content you might as well not exist. The way you attract, connect with, and engage new prospects is by providing valuable education about your industry and your services. Creating content helps you deliver this education to prospects. 

Indicate if you already have content or if you will need the content produced. 


Would you like to add a blog to your new website? (We recommend adding a blog – content is key for real growth). 


The answer to this question should always be YES! And just so you know, adding a new blog is not that much more, it’s a small charge in addition to whatever your web design costs are so it’s well worth it. In fact, if you are working with a reputable designer, you should be able to negotiate a blog right with your web design price. Unsure of what a blog is or does? Find all about it here:  what exactly is a blog, and should you have one? 


Will you supply your own blog content, or do you want to have your content produced? 


This is another key question. Doing article writing on your own is not easy – trust us on this. We have dedicated writers for all our articles that have the magic touch. If your plan is to focus on running your business, our recommendation is to hire a monthly writing service. If you have a full team in place that can manage the day-to-day and you have enough time to write, by all means, do it up! Find some helpful writing tips here: how to write the perfect article every time. 


Are you ok with using WordPress as your website design platform or do you have another platform you’d prefer to use? 


WordPress is the most powerful web design platform in the globe. It’s so powerful in fact, that the was built using WordPress. Our recommendation is to go with WordPress. Several reasons: you can start with a simple site and expand it as you grow, and you own everything on your site and can do whatever you want with it. You are not depending on third party providers to do whatever you need to do with your site. 

Check out this article that talks about the benefits of using WordPress: WordPress: the web design tool that will transform the way you do business. 


Please list your services/products: 


Think about the services or products you’ll be offering. Make a detailed list and add it to this section for later reference. Dedicated content will be needed for each service or product listed here. 


Do you want to add images of your work on your new website? 


We recommend a combination of photos of your work and stock photos – our designs include premium customized stock photos. Think about your services and if possible, add existing photos for each service. Otherwise, the web design company you work with can create premium images for you. 


Do you want to add videos of your work on your new website? 


Videos are another type of content. If you have videos of your work, you can include them with your new website. You can also create explainer videos of yourself or do explainer video creation using animation.


When will you be ready to start the design and development process? 


--One recommendation we’ll give you here is: don’t overthink it. If you continue to think and think you will get nothing done. A website is the single most important factor for successfully growing a business in 2021 and beyond. Without a website, you might as well not exist. As the saying goes ‘if it ain’t on the web, it ain’t real' (that should be a hashtag) #ifItAin’tOnTheWebItAin’tReal. 


Do you have an existing Google my business profile? (We’ll create this profile for free if you decide to work with us on your project). 


If you are a small business that operates in a local area (like contractors, local shops, local lawyers, dentists, and other local-based business) Google my business is the tool that will bring you hundreds of customers every month. Visit google my business to create your profile if you do not have one just yet. 


Did you create your social media profiles yet? (create a Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profile at least) 


This is another important channel for attracting traffic to your new site. Pay close attention to your social profiles. 


Do you have any third-party tools that you’d like to incorporate with your new website? 


Anything goes here. Whatever tools you may need to run your business, we can incorporate them in your new website. Think about this carefully and feel free to reach out if you are unsure of what qualifies as a third-party tool that can be incorporated. 


Do you have reviews from existing customers that you’d like to display in the new website? (you can also collect reviews after the new website goes live).  



Do you want to add Google analytics once your website is ready? (Digital Innovations does this for free for every customer). 



Do you want to add your website to Google for indexing once ready? (Digital Innovations does this for free on every project). 



Bonus question: 


Find and list the top 3 direct competitors in your area: 



Have additional questions? maybe we missed something. Go ahead and ask using the comments section! 

Share this questionnaire with your friends if you don’t mind ðŸ˜‰ 


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