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Affordable Website Design Packages for Sale

June 17, 2021
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So, you're starting to look into website design services. It's a smart move. If you're not on the web, you're missing out on loads of business opportunities, a lot of them right in your own backyard. In fact, some might say without a website, you might as well not even exist. 


But you're striving for far more than mere existence, right? With a new website, you're ready to take on the entire digital world! Right now your head is probably swimming with color schemes and splashy photography and maybe a really cool blog too. It's all good. The best thing about it is--you've come to the right place! 


What We Do 


At Digital Innos, LLC we design websites that deliver. Our goal is to help accelerate the growth of every business and entrepreneur we design for. And we do that with WordPress, a powerful content management system that allows its users to manage every aspect of their websites--content, images, videos, and more. With premium WordPress plugins, we can design a site that is not only beautiful and unique but also functional, scalable, easy to use, and affordably priced. With so many capabilities, it's no wonder why companies like Microsoft, TechCrunch, Vogue, and even the count on WordPress to power their own sites.  


We provide several flexible website design packages as well as custom website design services coded entirely from scratch. The latter provides you with full control of all functionality of your site, but it can take a little more time too. Whatever your choice, we've got a website design solution for you. 


Contractor Website Design Packages 


Do you offer plumbing, electrical, or HVAC services? Are you in the house-building business? Our contractor web design packages are custom-designed to attractively showcase your brand and your unique style.  


Our package includes up to 10 SEO-friendly pages with as many contact forms as you need to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers. We'll add choice photography and other images that complement your content, and we can add galleries of photos that visually demonstrate the quality of your work.  


Your fully responsive website design will be tested to download quickly across every device. And your package will include powerful analytics so you can improve your sales and service through the feedback you receive.  


You'll get all this and more for just $1,200. And for an additional $600 we'll add up to 10 pages of highly targeted, SEO-friendly, engaging content that will be ready in as little as ten days.  


Corporate Website Design Packages 


When you need a polished corporate website, one that exudes credibility and professionalism, Digital Innos has your back. Our premium corporate website design services let you show the world just exactly what your company stands for.  


Work doesn't get done on its own and our designs take into account how work flows within organizations. We'll include a network intranet for employees to share information, collaboration efforts, and internal operations.  


Need a blog? You'll get one. A payment portal? Just ask. Need photos and videos of your products and services? We'll include those for you, too. 


That's the beauty of WordPress. You'll get a custom design that speaks to your special brand and style, branded icons to match your custom design, and more. And CTA forms? We can provide as many as you need to collect all the information your company needs.  


What do you expect to pay for all that? Digital Innos can deliver it for just $4,200, with just another $2,000 for as many as 50 pages of content. Ready in 20 days.  


Small Business Website Design Packages 


Your business may be small now, but with a well-designed website by Digital Innos, we'll help you push your foot on the accelerator, get you found on the internet, and get your business growing fast.  


We'll build your brand with a custom design and unique theme that showcases your company's style. Key features of our small business website design packages include high-quality graphics, branded icons, incorporated testimonials, and, once again, as many contact forms as you need.  


Like all Digital Innos website designs, yours will be search engine friendly and responsively designed to adapt to all devices and bring in visitors from wherever they may be searching. We'll include analytics too, so you can monitor your website's performance and stay a step ahead in strategizing sales efforts.  


This package comes for the low price of $1,800 with just another $900 for 20 pages of professionally written, SEO-friendly content. Ready for you in just 10 days. 


eCommerce Website Design Packages 


There's nothing quite so fulfilling as seeing a growing number of online customers check out full carts with your products in them. With the free WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, we can build your site with the perfect online store complete with cart, quick check-out, and convenient payment options.  


Our ecommerce website design package includes product photos, product videos and product reviews. And we'll add a page for testimonials so your customers can share the great shopping experience you've provided through your site.  


Of course, you'll get all the standard features we include in all our website design packages, including a fully responsive sight, analytics, and more for just $6,200 and another $3,800 if you add website content for primary and product pages. And you can get all that in 20 days.  


How To Get Started 


We make it pretty simple.  


At your request, we'll send you a detailed web design questionnaire that will help us get a good handle on your business goals. In fact, it will help us both understand your project and what direction you want your website to take. Then once we get your project specifications, we'll do the necessary industry research to put together an attractive, quality website for your company. And because we want your input, we'll put together three initial layouts for you to choose from.  


That's when the fun starts. We'll make the deep dive into the whole website development process using WordPress and provide you with up to four revisions until you are 100 percent satisfied. You'll also get free technical support for 45 days after we're finished.  


So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch. Your first step toward a beautiful, custom-designed, fully optimized website is just a click away!





You can also ask questions using the comments section! 

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