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Should You Use Landing Pages?

April 26, 2021
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You're cruising along on the internet at 35,000 feet when you click on a link in an ad for a product or service that has caught your attention. And suddenly you've landed exactly where you need to be. 


What Is a Landing Page? And should you care? 


A Landing Page is a standalone web page on the same domain as your website that people "land" on when they click on a link from another digital location. Unlike a website's home page where a visitor can then navigate in a multitude of different directions, a landing page has one primary objective--to get you to take a singular action such as requesting a free estimate, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading your company's helpful guide. If you get them to do this, you've made a successful conversion. Landing pages are built to collect contact information to create leads or to immediately turn visitor traffic into paying customers.  


But why ask for a singular action? After all, your company has a whole BUNCH of things to offer prospective customers or clients, and they've landed on your site, so you've already got their attention.  


Studies have found that when you offer people too many choices, they tend to become overwhelmed, taking longer to make decisions and often not making one at all. When it comes to landing pages, less is definitely more.  


How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business? 


They Grab Attention 


Your company website is the epicenter of your business where people can learn about everything you have to offer. But if people don't know you exist, it can be hard to make headway. Landing pages grab the attention of a specific audience, bring them to your site looking for a very specific thing, and encourage them to act immediately. If you provide a seamless experience and they follow through, you've got a new lead.  


Additionally, if you have a sophisticated business with a wide variety of products and services, having diverse landing pages creates multiple landing strips for people to arrive at your website destination.  


They Build Credibility 


Consumers have expectations, and well-done landing pages should fulfill them. If, for example, you click on an ad that promises 20 percent off a subscription or product if you "act now," a consumer should be brought to a page that offers exactly that.  


If your latest promotion has a landing page that doesn't follow through immediately with the offer presented, you won't just lose a conversion, you'll increase the likelihood that they won't visit again. If, on the other hand, they get the offer they were looking for, you may not just get a sale, you may have created a repeat customer. 


They Build Your Brand 


Placing your logo and tagline prominently and consistently in the same place on your landing pages helps to reinforce your brand in the minds of visitors that land there. Even if you don't get a conversion from a first visit, the style, appearance and overall tone of your site will work its way into their subconscious and will help them remember you favorably when you reach out to them in your remarketing efforts.  


They Allow You to Be Strategic 


Let's say you're not doing well with a certain demographic. Or you want to promote a product that isn't moving as quickly as you'd like. Landing pages and the ads that draw clicks to them can be designed strategically to target a specific audience or to promote a single product or service.  


Components of a Good Landing Page 


So, what makes a good landing page good? Which ones result in the highest conversion rates?  


Landing pages are often the first entry door to your website and everything your company has to offer, so it's important to make a good first impression. If you make it your business to study them, you'll find a wide variety of successful landing pages out there. And while they're all different, they tend to share certain core attributes: 


They Have Captivating Headlines 


"Need to Lose Weight?" Has an ad like that ever caught your attention? (Of course, not. You're thin as a rail!) But trust us when we say it has for many. An ad that immediately appeals to something your target customers want or need gets attention. And when it comes to digital marketing, if you don't grab their attention in the headline, you've already lost them. 


They Have Equally Captivating Subheadings with a Promise 


"You Can Lose 20 pounds in 10 Days with Our XYZ Product!" You've captivated them with your headline, now you're making a promise. Just be sure you can follow through on the offer! 


They Provide Social Proof 


Consumers like to know that people they trust or others "just like them" have used a product or service with great results. After all, if so many people have purchased this product and have had good results, how can it not be a good investment? It's why landing pages often include customer testimonials, ratings, or recommendations from trusted sources.  


They Tell a Compelling Story 


This is where you get to tell (or show!) why your product or service or offer of any kind will benefit your target audience. Enumerate its many benefits with bullet points. Think of the arguments they may have against your offer and provide better arguments in favor of it. And while written content is important here, combining it with video or other good visuals tends to result in better responses.  


They Provide a Clear and Concise Call to Action 


It shouldn't be difficult to sign up for the newsletter or download the free guide that brought your target audience to the landing page in the first place. Every step before this has helped to sell them on taking action. Now make it clear, fast and simple to follow through. 


Offer Assurances 


Have you ever filled out an online form then let your finger waver over the submit button while you hem and haw about whether or not you should? Every customer has experienced buyer's remorse at least once in their life. Providing a money back guarantee or a no-obligation quote reassures visitors that it's okay to answer a call to action as they won't be locked into anything permanently.  


Before You Depart 


There's more, of course. But hey, we have to catch a flight. 


All kidding aside, we hope this article has been helpful in describing what a Landing Page is and how they can be used to step up your marketing campaign and help you acquire new leads or sales. If you have any further questions or want to find out how we can help you design a great website with all the right bells and whistles, please fill out the form below and we'll get it off to our attentive crew. Until then, fly safely! 

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