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Thrive Architect: The Top 5 Features

July 12, 2021
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What does it mean to thrive? Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word thrive as to grow vigorously or to prosper. If that's what you want for your business (and who doesn't?), then the Thrive Architect Builder is a WordPress plugin aptly named to get you to sit up and listen. But can it really do what its name suggests? And is it the right page builder for your needs? And why on earth are you asking us?  


Well, website design is our business so that last question kind of makes sense. 


But as long as we have your attention, why don't we take a closer look at this popular plugin together. 


About Thrive Architect Builder  


Thrive Architect Builder wasn't created from scratch. A product of the WordPress theme and plugin company Thrive Themes, which was cofounded in 2013 by Shane MeLaugh and Paul McCarthy, it made its appearance in 2017 as a retooled version of the original Thrive Content Builder. Since then, it has had lots and lots of updates. It can be purchased as an individual plugin or as part of the Thrive Suite annual membership subscription.  


The biggest difference between the former Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Architect is the updated, full-screen, front end interface that lets you see exactly what the page you're working on is going to look like at any point in the page building process. Thrive Architect employs an easy-to-use drag and drop technique, a click and drag feature so you can change the boundary lines of your row and column sizes, and easy-peasy inline editing.  


Front End Building, Drag and Drop - Haven't I Heard This Stuff Before? 


If these features are giving you a deja vu moment, you're not alone. Like most of the other leading page builders, Thrive Architect Builder gets plenty of mileage out of the most popular WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools that help make website building a breeze. And like other popular page builders, it also allows you to build a website without having to know a single thing about coding.  


If you've researched any of the top page builder plugins, you'll find they offer a mix of popular features shared by most and some that are distinctly their own. Thrive Architect is no different. 


A Short Review of Thrive Architect Builder's Top Five Features  


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1. It's Marketing Focused  


The most distinctive characteristic of Thrive Architect is that it's an online marketer's dream. This WordPress plugin takes the "grow vigorously" definition seriously with a heavy focus on pre-designed elements to increase sales, conversions, and email subscriptions. It accomplishes this with customizable buttons, lead generation forms, testimonials, time-based trigger options, a free tool to generate popup boxes, and more. And it offers API integration with 39 email marketing providers.  


2. It's Got Tons of Templates   


Okay, maybe not tons. But Thrive Architect Builder offers well over two hundred ready-made templates for building your homepage, landing pages, sales pages, and more--all of which you can customize to your heart's desire.  


3. Mobile Responsive  


With Thrive Architect, your site can look great on desktops and laptops, on smartphones and tablets. What's more, you can get an instant picture of how your pages will look on various screen sizes. You can also define which elements will show or be hidden on them and/or adjust the layout.  


4. Lifetime Free Updates 


Much like death and taxes, software updates are a given. However, so long as you choose to use Thrive Architect, you'll have access to all of its updates. The only caveat is that you only get one full year of support after which you will need to pay a support subscription renewal fee of $40.  


5. Top-Notch Customer Support  


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro with website design, there will undoubtedly come a time when you need technical support. Thrive Architect provides a support forum where you can find solutions to problems from others who have faced similar issues. You can also submit a support ticket of your own. Typical response time is about 24 hours.  


The Thrive package also includes loads of training tutorials from its very own "Thrive University," which addresses internet marketing topics such as building email lists and creating sales funnels. This is a great tool for scaling your business.  


Who Is Thrive Architect Made For?  


Thrive Architect Builder was created with a certain type of client in mind. They are small business professionals and marketers who want to build websites that will successfully turn visitors into customers. Thrive Architect is specifically designed to collect leads, to create calls to action, to push people down sales funnels and to ultimately sell products and services.  


But if you invest in it, will these tools work for your business? 


The answer depends a lot on who you are. And, no, it isn't about how deep your pockets are (though we'll get to that later). It's more about how much you know about page building and/or whether or not you're a quick study.  


Thrive Architect Builder is a powerful site building tool, but if you want to leverage all it has to offer you need to accept that there may be a steep learning curve in getting there. Are you more likely to feel overwhelmed? Or would you be undeterred by the need to invest extra time on tutorials to learn how to use this software to its full advantage? And could an experienced web designer add ease to the project? These are questions you may need to mull over.  


So How Deep DO My Pockets Need To Be?  


Refreshingly, not that deep. While there is no free version of Thrive Architect Builder, a single license for one website requires just a one-time fee of $67. With this you get all the Thrive Architect Builder features including over 260 landing page templates, unlimited free updates, and one full year of support.  


If your pockets are a little deeper, however, you may want to consider the Thrive Suite membership for an annual payment of $228, which can be installed on up to 25 websites. With this you get not only Thrive Architect Builder, but also ten Thrive (WordPress) themes, Thrive Leads for custom lead generation, full access to Thrive University, lifetime software updates plus ongoing support. And you'll also get access to all the Thrive plugins such as those to build opt-in forms, limited time campaigns, quizzes, and any others that are launched along the way. 


By the way, Thrive Suite comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That means, if you aren't happy with it, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your purchase.  


Have Another Question?  


Maybe you've got a whole list. Either way, don't be shy. We're here to try our best to answer them. Just fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch shortly. After all, we want your business to thrive too, and getting good advice is one of the best tools to get there.


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