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Modern Roofing Website Design: Grow Your Sales

June 24, 2021
work man on a roof top

You've got a reliable, punctual, and professional crew working for you. Your lead man is always polite. He thoroughly investigates customers concerns and explains what repairs need to be done. He takes pictures. He provides free estimates just as your company states in its newspaper advertising.  


So, what happens when someone asks, where can I find a reliable, professional roofing contractor in your city? 


A Reliable, Professional Roofing Contractor? That's Me! 


 As an expert in the roofing industry, you could easily answer the question above. Your company has been serving the area doing solid work for years. But they haven't called you. They've googled the question instead. Will their search engine results lead with your company's site?  


Hopefully, you have a website. Because if you don't, you just lost that potential customer. And there's probably a whole lot more out there you'll never know about either. What's more, your website had best be fully SEO optimized. Because if it isn't, they won't find you either.  


Welcome to the digital age where without a well-designed, fully optimized roofing website, you simply don't exist. 


No Website? Digital Innovations Can Fix It Fast! 


As a roofing contractor, you're in the fix it business. But while your work focuses on repairing or replacing things up top, our work starts with building a strong foundation.  


We do roofing website design from the ground up helping roofers first and foremost get found online. Every website package includes a free Google My Business account to give your roofing company maximum exposure in your service area. Every page on your site is search engine friendly (meaning that they will show on Google as soon as the website goes live) 


A roofing website design from Digital Innovations is a virtual 24/7 sales representative. We implement Facebook messenger making it easy for you to connect with customers and turn their roofing questions into roofing jobs. We build our sites with simple-to-use forms that gather contact information which is sent straight to your inbox. And we build in easy-peasy scheduling forms and calendars.  


What Should a Good Roofing Website Design Include? 


Every roofing website design is unique but to be effective, they all need a few essentials: 


Your Company's Contact Information  


Your company's name, address, phone number, and email contact need to be highly visible on every page of your site so no matter where a visitor comes in for a landing, they know it's your company they've reached. About the only thing better is a catchy logo included with it. If you don't have one yet, Digital Innovations will design a professional eye-catching logo for you (for free with your new website ðŸ˜‰). 


Multiple Ways to Contact and Interact With Your Company 


Pop-up forms offering free estimates or opportunities to get more information, like buttons, helpful bots, Facebook messenger - you name it. When you make sure your roofing website design includes plenty of easy-contact options, you increase your opportunity tenfold for gathering new leads. 


An "About Our Company" Tab 


Is yours a family-owned and operated business? Do you have a unique story to share about how your company came into being? Your customers are going to be welcoming workers into their homes and onto their premises. Let them know the members of your team are friendly and trustworthy and that they'll treat your home like they would their own.  


High Quality Photos 

Roof work isn't easy, and a good roofing website design needs to provide visuals of just the type of work your company does and how your crew accomplishes it. Show them in pictures and words what your end product looks like and that you take safety seriously.  


Your Services 

Do you offer both residential and commercial roofing services? Quick directional tabs will take visitors directly where they need to go. 


Do you offer other services as well--such as installation of siding, windows, and gutters, or exterior maintenance like power washing and soft-washing? Easy navigation to those services with full explanations about them should also be included.  


Your Materials 

Do you install asphalt shingles? Clay and concrete tiles? Wood shingles and shakes? Do you install metal roofs? Let potential customers know the products you install, where each type works best, their pricing structures, and their advantages and disadvantages.  


Areas Served 


Whether you're located in or near a large city, let potential customers know just how far your tentacles reach and that you're ready, willing, and able to come to their home in their community. 




What are the main causes of roof leaks? What causes roof discoloration and stains? Will power-washing damage my roof? What roof damages are usually covered by homeowner's insurance?  


There are 101 questions a home or business owner might ask about roofing. A well-written, regularly updated blog search-engine optimized with keywords for your target audience provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise on the subject and to build confidence with potential customers in your area. Never underestimate its power to draw in new customers! 




Did you have a few customers that were particularly pleased with the great work your company did repairing or replacing their roof? Be sure to include those comments in your testimonial section. Do you offer special offers or discounts when satisfied customers refer your business to others? Make sure they know.  


Need to Get More Business? Want to Close More Deals? 


fully optimized roofing website design by Digital Innovations is the foundation for making it happen. Without one, for too many customers out there you simply won't be on the map. 


Don't know much about websites? We'll sit down and walk you through all the details, and before we even begin to build your site, we'll provide you with multiple mockups so you can choose what looks and works best for your company.  


It doesn't take long either. We can have your freshly designed website up and working for your roofing company in a month's time.  


There's so much more to tell you about Digital Innovations. We'd love the chance to share that with you. When you're ready to grow your business exponentially, give us a call at (570) 231-4475 (Mon-Fri: 9:00AM-4:00PM). Or better yet just fill out the easy-peasy form below!



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