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Restaurant Website Design – The Must-haves

May 31, 2021
Dining Out

You know your restaurant's food, service, and atmosphere are the absolute best. Let our website design services share that fact with everyone else!

  • Need a well-designed website that ranks high in your city?
  • Do you want to attract online visitors and entice them with your appetizing menu?
  • Is there a way to turn those visits into online orders and dine-in patrons? 

If diners could peek inside your restaurant windows during its busiest hours, what would you want them to see? A great restaurant website can create that image for you. And it can provide the tools you need to bring those customers through the door. Here's but a handful of must-haves that should be included in every restaurant website design: 


Great Visuals 



Your food is your star attraction. Show it off! There's no way to overemphasize the power of quality, high-resolution pics of your appetizers, main courses, side dishes, drinks, and specialty items. You don't have to show every item on your menu, but your food and pics of customers enjoying it should be center stage on your website. 


Location and Contact Information 



Visitors to your site need to know where you are, what hours you're open, and how to reach you. This information is vital and needs to be displayed prominently on every page of your website. Without it, visitors have little chance of being converted into dine-in or online customers. 


Local SEO 



There's nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your site show up in Google's local 3-pack -- especially if there are a lot of restaurant dining options to choose from in your area. It's critical that every page in your restaurant website design is search engine optimized. Here at Digital Innovations, we help you be #1 in your city by implementing our secret proven local seo strategy using Google my business. 


Your Menu 



Your menu is more than just a list of food and drink with corresponding prices. It's one of your most powerful online selling tools. Your online menu (and your in-house one too!) should grab visitors' attention with appetizing photos and alluring language.  


Online Ordering Capability 



Take-out isn't just for pizza anymore. If it were, we wouldn't have seen the rise of so many on-demand restaurant food delivery services. Make sure you're capturing your fair share of the take-out market with an easy-to-use online ordering system that includes your complete menu.  


Accurate Regularly Updated Information 



Menus change all the time. Items are added. Others are discontinued. Some items appear temporarily to celebrate a season. Other changes happen in the restaurant business as well. Have you added catering to your services? Have you added a new dining room? Have your hours of operation changed? Your website needs to be regularly updated and maintained to keep up with any and all changes. We make this easy for you by using the most powerful web design platform in the globe: WordPress. The best part? We teach you everything you need to know about managing your site! 


Mobile-Responsive Design 



Did you know that 46 percent of Google web searches are made for local information? Hungry folks who've been out and about all day in an unfamiliar area and who want to find a nearby restaurant to sit down for a meal will probably do a quick search on their mobile devices. Fail to make sure your restaurant website design can download quickly and adjust to all screen sizes and device types, and you'll lose out on that all-important traffic.  


Integrated Social Media 



Social media reigns supreme for so many web users. Chances are you've seen a positive review of your restaurant on a directory site like Yelp. Or perhaps you already have a Facebook page that includes a few glowing testimonials from happy customers. If so, you'll want by all means to carry them over to your restaurant website. A good restaurant website design should include such testimonials as well as "Like" and "Follow Us" buttons that seamlessly integrate social media sites.  


Why Your Restaurant Needs a Professionally Designed Website 



How often do you return to a disappointing restaurant? Never, right? In the restaurant business especially, making a good first impression is everything. By now you should know how essential a website is for your restaurant. In this technological age, a website is a virtual door to your business and electing not to have one is like bricking that front door over. If you're going to make the investment, however, it's imperative your restaurant website design is skillfully done.  


Professional web designers don't just slap together a functional site. They know design, and they know what works and how to create a body of work that appeals to target audiences. A professionally designed website is built with a strategy in mind. It informs its visitors that yours is a serious business. Your restaurant can be trusted.  


Professional web designers also keep up with changing web technology. Many are adept with SEO. They can provide the ongoing maintenance that your website will need so that it always continues to be fast and functioning properly.  


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Choose wisely. 


Why Digital Innovations? 



We're the wise choice. The restaurant business is challenging and highly competitive. When you hire Digital Innovations for your custom web development, we'll take the time to sit down with you and get to know your story, your brand, your niche market.  


We'll provide a unique and distinctive website design that tells your unique story. And we'll ensure it includes all the essential elements--high quality photography, various forms to draw in customers, fully optimized pages and so much more. We'll also set you up for local optimization with a free Google My Business profile, and we'll submit your new site to Google for indexing. 


Most important, we'll always keep you in the loop, providing multiple mockups before you decide on the final look. And when we're finished? You'll get free hosting for a year and free technical support for 45 days afterward. If you want us, we'll be here to provide the ongoing maintenance you need. What's more, you'll own it all--the full website with everything on it.  


That's peace of mind! 


Ready to Reach Out? 



As a restauranteur, you know how demanding the business is. You can't do it all. Digital Innovations can't solve all the demands of your restaurant business, but we can create a beautiful face for it. And it doesn't take nearly as long as you might think. In just four weeks we can have an amazing new website up and running and welcoming new patrons to enjoy that great food, service, and atmosphere you've worked so hard to create.  


Get in touch today!



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