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Real Estate Website Design – The Features You Need

June 03, 2021
real estate agent working in his office

No one buys a house sight unseen.  


That's why you need a well-designed, visually attractive website that will put your real estate business on the map. A website designed by Digital Innovations will showcase all the beautiful properties your company is currently listing. And it can take prospective home buyers on a virtual tour inside them. But that's not the half of it. Your custom-designed real estate website can go a long way in promoting your brand and making your agency stand out from the competition.  


Try doing that with a newspaper ad! 


Key Features for Your Real Estate Website 



As the owner of a real estate agency, your website should be one of the most important investments you make. Skip having one or skimp on key features and you'll be practically handing sales to your competitors on a silver platter. 


Time is valuable for everyone, and it's the rare buyer these days that doesn't first do a little research of their own before reaching out to an agent. If you don't have a website or yours is not easy to navigate, you won't even know they existbecause they won't bother contacting you.  


Before you even consider a new web design, here's just a handful of "must-haves" that you should expect from and ask your web designer to include: 


Showcase Hot Listings 



In a hot real estate market, great properties don't stay on the market long. You can grab a visitor's attention quickly by prominently displaying your most recent listings or those with special features right up front. Even if those get grabbed up, they can draw visitors in to consider other possibilities. 


IDX (Internet Data Exchange) Property Search 



Every buyer has certain requirements for the home they want to purchase be it the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, or special features. That's why it's vital to include an IDX Property Search on your site, one that works quickly and provides accurate multiple listing results so you can zero in on the best matches for your clients.  


Image Gallery 



Will your customer fall in love with an updated kitchen with high-end cabinets, countertops, and appliances? How about hardwood flooring? What about that home with the gorgeous built-in swimming pool? Your website can include a dozen or more professional, high-resolution photos or video of each of your listings highlighting their very best features.  


Responsive Design 



You've got a new listing and posted your realtor sign in the front yard, and it's caught someone's attention. Luckily for them, your agency's name, address, and phone number aren't the only contact information on your sign. You've been smart enough to include your website address. With just a few clicks, this prospective customer can find your site and the listing. And with a responsive design, they can get a clear picture of all the photo images, special features, and videos about the property delivered straight to their mobile device. Oh, and guess what? You can also add a fancy QR code on your sign that takes that prospect right to the listing by simply pointing their camera to it (I know, super cool!). 


Contact Forms and CTAs 



Prospective customers who land on your site and see your listings need some way to contact you. We can make matters a breeze by including quick and easy contact forms and other options for drawing in leads. 


Social Sharing Capabilities 



Social media is a great tool for marketing your brand and getting information out on your properties to a wider audience. Plus, it’s a great way to extend your network of contacts. We make sure your new website contains all your social profiles and can help you build them if need be. 


An About Me Page 



Once a home buyer has zeroed in on a few properties, the next thing they'll be looking for is an agent. Including an "About Me" page with a photo of your smiling face, a little about your experience, and even more about what you can do for them is the perfect way to introduce yourself.  


Your Blog 



One of the best ways to attract buyers and sellers to your site is through helpful, fresh, and unique SEO-rich content. Including a blog gives you the chance to draw in interested home buyers and potential sellers while sharing your knowledge on the latest trends in real estate, market conditions, traditional and creative financing, and a hundred other topics.  


Your Website Can Be a Powerful asset 



What's your story? What are your goals? What is your overall vision for your company and where do you want your website to take it? A website designed by Digital Innovations can help you market your story and your brand and show potential customers precisely what makes your company stand head and shoulders above the competition.  


Digital Innovations designs real estate websites that will perform in a competitive marketplace. We design our sites to be intuitive and user-friendly for your potential customers, while working to grow your company. As we see it, when both sides of the equation are happy, it's a win-win for everyone! 


But Is It Difficult To Build a New Website? 



Not at all! In fact, Digital Innovations can get your attractive and affordable website up and running - and that includes content - in as little as four weeks! 


Why Have a Full-Service Web Design Company? 



Buyers' market or sellers' market, as a real estate agency, your focus needs to be on listing, showing and selling homes.  


Maintaining a visually appealing website while staying on top of the latest trends and technologies of web marketing probably aren't your top priorities, but if someone doesn't do it, your website won't keep working for you the way it should. Having a full-service web design company behind you gives you that peace of mind that someone is holding down the digital fort 


What We Offer 



At Digital Innovations, our primary goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind. We do it by offering complete transparency, laying everything on the table and explaining the importance of each feature. You'll get custom web development using WordPress, the most powerful content management system in the globe. All of our designs include:

  • Free CRM installation using HubSpot (or a customer-provided preferred CRM)
  • Free logo design (if you do not have an existing logo)
  • Forms, chats, and bots to generate new customers and leads
  • High quality stock photos, or existing photos of listings plus any videos you have
  • Premium plugins only, including SEO plugin for ongoing Google optimization
  • A SEO-optimized website free of technical errors
  • Free technical support for 45 days after completion of new design
  • Free hosting available for one year

We'll also provide several mockups prior to our starting the design process, free Google My Business profile creation to increase local sales, and we'll submit your new site to Google and Bing for indexing.  


And you'll own everything - the content, the images, the website. 


Interested in learning what Digital Innovations can design for you? 



Take the first step in the growth of your business! Book a no-obligation free consultation and find out. Remember, if it ain’t on the web it ain’t real ðŸ˜‰ 

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