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Is RankMath The Best SEO Plugin?

July 22, 2021
cool kids

Remember that cafeteria table in high school where all the cool kids sat together and ate lunch? Everything seemed to revolve around them, and everything big that happened in school always seemed to involve at least a few of them. Maybe you were part of that group. More likely, though, you were just one of the nameless, faceless masses of kids who barely got a glance.  


Believe it or not, that's kind of what search engine optimization AKA SEO is all about. When you have good SEO, your site ranks high on search engine result pages (SERPs). And that means you get more traffic to your site--the very first and most important step to getting new leads and making sales. If you don't show up in SERPs, nobody gets to know your company and all the cool products, services and information it has to offer. Rank high in SERPs, however, and you're suddenly popular. Push over competitors, you're now on the A-list.  


What Is RankMath? 



Right about now you may be stamping your foot and demanding you get a seat at the cool kids table, too. Unfortunately, anyone who has tried to improve their SEO rankings knows it takes a lot of work to get there. That's why there are WordPress plugins created specifically to provide SEO analysis to help businesses like yours improve their rankings. RankMath is one of many, but it's a particularly good one.  


RankMath was developed by MyThemeShop, a dedicated and talented team of bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers and coders who create WordPress themes and plugins to help businesses meet their SEO goals. It comes in both a free and paid version.  


Ready for your website to become one of the cool kids? Let's find out more about this popular SEO plugin. 


RankMath's Essential Features  


As anyone who's ever tried it knows, you can't just install an SEO plugin and expect all your SEO needs to be instantly met. Plugins simply provide the tools to help you find errors and make such improvements to your site so that when search engine crawlers go hunting, your pages get found. They help you with both on-page and off-page SEO. Here are five of RankMath's most important features: 


1. Title Assistance 


Your blog content may be right on par, but if your title lacks a focus keyword, a power word or number, it may not get the clicks you want. RankMath determines if your title is search engine friendly and makes recommendations on how to fix them to help increase your click through rates.  


2. One-Click SEO Analysis 


With a single click, you get a good bird's-eye-view of how well your site is SEO optimized based on 40 different factors. You'll get your score out of 100. You'll see how many tests you've passed and how many you've failed with detailed information about what RankMath is measuring in each and corrections, if any, that need to be made. You'll also receive warnings about things on your site that could develop into problems.  


3. 404 Monitor Tool 


Have you ever clicked on something that caught your interest only to be led to a 404 error page? You're left with nowhere to go, and more importantly, that interest you had quickly vanishes. RankMath's 404 monitor finds those errors and allows you to redirect those wrong URLs to the proper link. Some SEO plugins don't offer this forcing you to buy an additional plugin just to track 404 pages. Not with RankMath. 


On a similar note, RankMath also alerts you about orphan pages, those without links to any other pages on your site and not indexed by search engine crawlers, so they can be fixed as well.  


4. Media SEO 


If you use a lot of videos or images on your site, RankMath can improve their SEO as well. It autogenerates captions that are written for better search results, and it allows you to add descriptions (automated alt attributes for images – this way blind or visually impaired users can access your images and videos too). 


5. Local SEO 


While other SEO plugins for WordPress require a purchase for local SEO, RankMath offers it for free. And it supports 193 local business types with rating stars, images, prices and other rich snippets.  


Oh, And Another Thing... 


Yes, I know I said I'd stick to five top features, but here's one more that merits mentioning. RankMath provides significant SEO assistance, but it always leaves you in control. With its Role Manager feature, it lets you choose who does and does not have access to making fixes to certain SEO problems. In addition, you can also turn modules on or off if you do not need a particular SEO aspect. And that's cool.  


So How Does RankMath Compare to Other Major SEO Plugins?  


Look for a comparative analysis of RankMath and you'll almost always see it being sized up against Yoast. After all, that plugin has maintained the coveted center seat at the cool kids table for years.  


When it comes to comparing the two, RankMath gives Yoast SEO a good run for its money--mostly by offering features in its free version that Yoast customers can only get from its premium offering. For example, RankMath provides an option to add up to five keywords and it will check their scores in its free version. RankMath also provides a Google keyword recommendation including long tail keywords, something that isn't even available from Yoast. RankMath also offers free autolink suggestions. 


But perhaps the best feature by far is the fact that RankMath allows its users to get their Google Search Console data directly in the RankMath dashboard so they don't have to login separately to Google to gather that information. Now that's fire as the cool kids would say.  


How Much Money Are We Talking About for the RankMath Plugin?  


Keep in mind that you get quite a bit with RankMath's free version, but if you opt for even more SEO services, there are two paid plans.  


RankMath Pro at $59 annually offers individuals and solo entrepreneurs use of the plugin on unlimited personal websites and tracks 500 keywords. The RankMath Business Plan at $199 annually provides freelancers, businesses and agencies up to 100 client websites and tracks 10,000 keywords.  


Both paid plans offer an advanced Schema generator, advanced Google Analytics integration, Google Trends integration, Google Video SEO, WooCommerce SEO and more. And they're both backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.  


Ready for the Cool Kids Table?  


You know you've arrived when you start to see your site ranking high in Google SERPs, and even more when visitors start turning into leads and leads into sales. That's when the magic of good SEO really sinks in. But it takes work, and it takes the proper tools to get there.  


If you have more questions about RankMath or our premium seo services and how they might help your business grow, let us know. Fill out the handy form below and we'll be in touch. That's what we're here for. 


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