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The must-have features for plumbers

June 10, 2021
plumbing job

A local homeowner's kitchen sink has been semi-clogged for a month, slowly, slowly draining. Store-bought liquid drain openers haven't done the trick. Now they've got a big crowd coming for the weekend and it won't drain at all. It's time to google those three magic words: 


Plumbers Near Me 


Let's hope you have a website, one that's fully optimized for local searches. If you don't, as far as local customers are concerned, you'd might as well not even exist.  


What Every Successful Plumbing Website Needs 



As a plumbing outfit, you need all sorts of different tools that are essential to do your work. Your service truck likely carries at least a half dozen different types of wrenches. There are pipe cutters, drain snakes and toilet augers, reaming tools, a plumber's torch, not to mention thread sealing tape. The list goes on and on.  


You may not realize it, but your website is also a tool. In fact, it's the single most important tool in your toolbox for getting you leads and turning them into customers. When you're ready to build a website for your plumbing company, it's essential your website design includes these features: 


Contact Information and Logo 



First and foremost, your website needs to proudly display your company name, address, phone number and email address -- and include it along with your logo. This is a good place to make clear you're licensed and insured as well. These essential details should be included not just on your homepage, but every page. Don't make a customer go searching for such information. They should see it everywhere on your site and be able to instantly connect your logo with your name. 


Don't have a logo? A good web design company worth its salt will develop the perfect one for you. At Digital Innovations, we include it free in every one of our designs. 


Get the free web design questionnaire: 


The web design questionnaire will help you fine-tune your project so you know exactly what you need before you hire a web design company or start your own design journey. 

Get your free copy:




Contact Forms and Messaging Apps 



Everything on your website should be geared toward connecting immediately with customers, generating leads and closing deals. Your website should include multiple ways to reach you such as through Facebook messenger for instant chatting, as well as multiple CTAs (calls to action). Simple, convenient forms that ask for contact information and the reason a potential customer needs plumbing services will help you to respond quickly and ultimately grow your business.  


There's no better way to let a new visitor know they've come to the right place. 


Appointment Booking/Calendars 



Burst water heaters, overflowing toilets, and severely clogged drains are plumbing emergencies that can't wait. That's when a "Schedule Now" button is at its most powerful. Providing a potential customer the opportunity to schedule a visit online can give your company a distinct advantage over your competitors. 


It's the perfect tool for letting customers know you can be responsive to their needs.  


Separate Tabs for Residential and Commercial Services 



What's more to say? Easy-to-find tabs like these will immediately take your customers in the direction they need to go.  


Dedicated Landing Pages for Each Service 



When a potential customer needs a water heater replaced, that's what he'll type in the search bar. Make sure you've got a page for individual customers to land on for every service you offer: 


    • Water heater repair/replacement
    • Leak detection
    • Rooter service
    • Water line repair
    • New installations

Showcase Your Team 



Plumbing outfits are one of those rare types of service companies where customers are inviting technicians into their homes. Your website should include pictures of your team as a group or pics of individual crew members in front of your physical building and/or service vans. This will help build a friendly intimacy that tells potential customers your company and your crew can be trusted.  





blog is an excellent SEO tool. It's also the perfect format for letting customers in your geographical area know you're an expert resource to turn to for plumbing problems and questions.  


Areas Served 



Do you operate out of a big city? Perhaps a smaller one in a tri-town area? Make sure your customers know your reach and that you're just around the corner ready to serve all their plumbing needs. 

Take advantage of Google my business to direct searchers right to your new website and generate hundreds of new jobs every month. 


Fully Optimized Website 



As a plumbing company, you're knee deep in the water business. Don't lose customers to the sea of competitors in your geographical area. Every page on your site needs to be search-engine optimized to grab local business. 


Responsive Design 



We live in an on-demand world where instant answers to our questions are expected to be but a few words and a click away. If you don't want to lose potential business to a competitor, you need to grab a visitor's attention immediately--and keep it. Your website needs to be designed to download quickly and be easy to read and to navigate on any type of device.  


What If I Don't Have a Website? 



If you don't have a website, quite frankly, you're missing out. And if you have a website, but it doesn't include these important features, you're not that much better off.  


What's more, if you want to capture local business--and what plumbing company doesn't?--you need a Google My Business profile specifically for increasing local sales.  


Put yourself in a customer's shoes--especially one that's standing in an inch of water because a pipe has burst. They're going to google for a "plumber near me." And if you don't pop up in their SERPs? We mentioned it earlier, but it stands repeating. As far as they're concerned, your business doesn't even exist.  


You need a web designer that maximizes your visibility. 


How Can Digital Innovations Help? 



An innovative web design by Digital Innovations can maximize your visibility big time! 


We build custom websites using WordPress for small and mid-size businesses and we put a special emphasis on improving local SEO. You'll get all of the above we just outlined, free CRM installation, and premium plug-ins including one specifically for ongoing google optimization. And more. 


Ready to Take the Next Step? 


Choosing a web designer is one of the most important decisions you'll make in growing your company. So you shouldn't make it lightly. When you choose Digital Innovations, you don't just get a beautiful, easy to navigate, customer-focused design, you get peace of mind along with it.  


Take a look below at our easy-to-fill-out contact form. (It's one of many just like we can build into your website!) It's quick and easy to use, and believe us, it works. If you fill it out, you'll definitely hear from us! And if you're willing, we'll schedule a sit down and get to know your company and everything you have to offer. Once hired, we'll provide you multiple mockups throughout the process so you can decide what looks and works best for your company.  


We offer free technical support for a full 45 days after we complete your site and free hosting is available for one year afterward. And if you want us to stay on, we'll continue to maintain your site for as long as you want us. That's what we mean by peace of mind.  


So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form today!




Feeling a bit shy? No problem, ask your questions using the comments section! We can’t wait to hear from you. 


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