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The Importance of a Dynamic Website: 5 Powerful Reasons.

March 29, 2021

BAM! POW! ZOK! There's a good chance you weren't yet born when the Batman series made its 1966 debut on TV screens across the nation. Every Saturday kids would tune in to watch the live action Dynamic Duo lay waste to the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin. Part of the show's shtick was to flash huge animated words like "BAM" across the screen in fight scenes every time a punch was thrown. Sure, they were corny. But they made an impression. So much so that former fans still remember the gimmick today long after the show was retired to celluloid heaven.


A good, well-constructed website is a little like a memorable TV show. If done right, it can make your business pack a punch like no other piece of advertising. It can do it in seconds. And that's what you need if you want to grab new customers and keep them coming back.


Here's five good reasons why you should be investing in a website:


It's an Extremely Effective Advertising Tool


This isn't the 1960s anymore. It's not the 1980s either. The Yellow Pages don't get the circulation they used to, and all too often the print mailers sent to households end up lining the bottoms of their birdcages. Who wants that?


A website, on the other hand, can be constantly updated to include new products, new offers (and new graphics!) and far more useful information about your company, products and services than could possibly fit on a single glossy sheet of paper. Having grown up during the digital age, savvy consumers turn naturally to the web. And when you have a digital marketing agency in your back pocket that makes good use of search engine optimization, they're guaranteed to hit your site.




A Website Gives You Greater Reach


Many of today's shoppers place an emphasis on buying local and supporting the businesses in their immediate communities. It makes sense. Shopping local keeps money in the local economy, and supporting those neighborhood businesses also helps keep local workers employed and local non-profits funded.


Most businesses, however, cannot be sustained just by neighbors and friends. And if you have a brick-and-mortar store, no matter how great your products, there will be a limit to how far people will travel to get them. A good website can create a presence for your company that extends far beyond your physical location. It can open your store doors to customers around the world while still allowing you to ring up sales to your best friends and neighbors.




Today's Consumers Expect a Website


Let's say a potential customer is in the market for replacement windows for their home. There are thirty companies in the general vicinity, including yours, who do this kind of work. How do they decide who to go with?


If a customer physically walks into your store to inquire, you'll undoubtedly do your best to sell them on your product line and services. More often than not, however, that potential customer will first search online for replacement window companies in their city and state. That initial search will land them on a number of websites, and if they land on yours, you'll get but a split-second chance to grab their attention.


This is where a well-done, dynamic website can really work magic. Once your site has piqued their interest, you can use it to influence their purchasing decisions in myriad ways. Your site can educate consumers about your business. You can use videos to demonstrate why your window products and your services are a step up from your competitors. You can even provide testimonials from happy customers.




A Website Extends Your Business Hours


Have you ever decided on a whim to check out a store that just opened up in a plaza? You go there on a Monday and find out they aren't open on Mondays. Or store closing hours were an hour before you got there. It's annoying.


Whether or not you have a brick-and-mortar store, a website can extend your business hours to consumers who either can't or who don't feel the need to venture out to make their purchases. They can peruse your online products and buy what they need in the wee hours of the morning, schedule a service, or get answers to frequently asked questions. If nothing else, they can check your days and hours of operation online so they don't show up when you're closed!




A Website Exudes Professionalism


Social media networks like Facebook are great for sharing funny pics of the kids or family pet or the great vacation you enjoyed last summer. And that's exactly what they're for. Social interactions. It's not that you shouldn't promote your business with social media pages, but if you really want to display a professional image, a professionally-created website is the best way to increase your business.


Just as walking into a store that has a pleasing layout sets a certain tone and expectation for potential buyers, so too does a website with an appealing design. Your website is your virtual store, so not only should it look attractive, it should also be laid out in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to find what they're looking for.




Still Unsure?


If you've been hesitant about launching a website simply because you don't know a lot about them and how to manage them, fear not! That's where a good digital marketing company can come into play. Think of us as your friendly, caped crusaders!


A website is a great marketing tool, and the five examples above are just the beginning. If you want to know more and start a conversation, simply provide your contact information below. Together we can make your business pack the punch you've always wanted it to.


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