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Email Marketing Is a Marketing Strategy that will help transform the way you do business

April 05, 2021
email marketing concept on pc and mobile

Despite being one of the most affordable forms of outreach your business can use, email marketing can be incredibly beneficial to your bottom line. With this powerful marketing tool, you can appeal to large numbers of people at a very nominal cost. You can also connect with targeted audiences, directly address customer pain points, and create significantly higher levels of engagement. Effective for both boosting your conversion rate and fostering long-lasting customer relationships, email marketing campaigns are easy to implement, easy to maintain, and always well-worth the effort.

What It Means to Market via Email


In its broadest sense, any email message that you send to your customers or prospective customers with the intent to:


  • Generate new business.
  • Follow-up after a sale.
  • Keep your services, products, or brand fresh in your customers' minds.
  • Announce special discounts or limited time offers.
  • Solicit donations.


can be considered email marketing. This is also true of all general information messages.

Recognized as a highly effective digital marketing strategy, email marketing doesn't require a tremendous investment of money or time. When carefully planned and used in conjunction with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms or other digital marketing tools, there are even instances when marketing by email is largely or entirely automated. Countless companies across all industries and all throughout the world currently use this technique due to its incredibly high level of efficacy, low cost, and ability to generate meaningful connections.

Inciting a Sense of Buyer Urgency


One of the most effective and popular techniques among companies that market by email is using these communications to incite a sense of buyer urgency. Companies alert their clients of short-term, high-value offers that must be taken advantage of right away. Consumers who want the benefit of these discounts often take prompt action to complete sales. This is an excellent strategy for clearing out excess inventory, generating rapid profits when additional revenue is desperately needed, and for overcoming expected, seasonal lulls in sales. Companies can also use their email marketing messages to:

  • Address recent concerns about their products or services.
  • Share important industry information.
  • Announce new product or service offerings.
  • Share troubleshooting or repair advice.
  • Connect current world events to their operations.


Some of the common goals and benefits of using email to connect with and stay connected with consumers include fostering higher levels of trust, positioning businesses as industry authorities, proactively managing commercial reputations, reactively addressing existing reputation concerns, and setting a business apart from its competition.

Considerations to Make Before Getting Started


Given that this form of marketing is so popular among businesses, the average consumer is inundated with commercial email messages each day. Many of these are automatically filtered out and sent directly to spam folders. Others are simply ignored and deleted before being read. Consumers also have their own inherent methods of filtering digital information and thus, it's important for every company owner to establish an effective schedule for sending messages. The best email marketing schedules keep businesses fresh in the minds of their targeted customers, provide valuable offers, and supply helpful information, without being intrusive and without putting them at risk of being overlooked.


One of the first and most important steps in establishing an effective email marketing campaign is getting customers to subscribe to messages by setting up an opt-in page. These pages inform consumers that opting-in or subscribing will make them privy to special discounts, and give them access to information that isn't readily available to the general public. Once consumers have opted-in, maintaining a reasonable schedule for transmitting messages is essential for ensuring that they don't eventually opt out.

Finding and Leveraging the Right Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business


As with all forms of marketing, email marketing requires you to define your goals, determine which resources are necessary for supporting your campaigns, and decide who you want to connect with and why. The power of email marketing when paired with poor planning has left some companies scrambling to keep up with overwhelming responses. For instance, if you offer a high-value discount to your subscribers with the goal of quickly generating more revenue, you must make sure that your ability to respond to high levels of demand is adequate.

Outsourcing Email Marketing or Handling it In-House.


Full-service digital marketing agencies provide varying levels of email marketing support. This can include the design, implementation, and management of campaigns, or basic assistance in planning and implementation. Companies can have content professionally curated for their messages, or they can determine the subjects that matter most to their buyers and then generate their own. The most effective email marketing campaigns are streamlined for connecting with key customer personas and then addressing their interests or pain points.

In closing:


Whether for answering questions, following up on orders, or resolving complaints, email is likely a marketing tool that your business is already using. Strategically refining your messages and then using them to address large audiences is a great way to both bolster and improve your bottom line. With the right email schedule, targeted messages, and clearly defined goals, you can start converting and retaining more customers with limited spending and effort.

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