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A Provocative Interview with the Elementor Theme Builder

July 05, 2021
talk show

Welcome friends and thanks for tuning in to the latest episode of "Talk Show!" This is your moderator, Watson, live from Digital Innovations, and we've got a really special show for you today. So stick around! 


But first let's start with a question. How many times have you heard someone say they were going to let their high-quality product speak for itself? A lot, right? And then they turn around and do all the talking for it! That's hardly fair.  


Well, today we're changing things up by presenting a once-in-a-lifetime interview with Elementor, the WordPress page builder that's hit the web design community by storm. We've heard its useful for both beginner web designers and experienced pros alike. So, the next logical step was to sit down with Elementor to find out more about its features.  


Ready to listen in? 


Welcome to the Show, Elementor! Why Not Start By Telling Us a Little About Yourself? 


Download your free copy of the web design questionnaire and get ready to start your new business website. 


Thank you, Watson! That's as good a place to start as any. My humble beginnings go all the way back to 2016 when I was founded as a product of an Israeli software company. Although I'm still only five years old, due to my easy-to-use, front end user, drag and drop technique and built-in responsive mode, I enjoyed an amazing growth spurt right from the get-go. 


By the time I was two years old, I had already built one million websites, and by May of 2020 that number jumped to five million. Today, I'm WordPress's most popular page builder. I'm found in 180 countries and available in over 57 languages. I'm pretty amazing.  


Well, You're Certainly Popular! But Are You a Good Choice for Beginners? 



I'd like to think I am, Watson. In my short lifetime, I've built a reputation for being intuitive with a simple to use interface. I also offer a lot of features as part of my free version, a nice perk for businesses on limited budgets.  


And here's one of my favorite selling points. When you use me, you don't need to have any knowledge about coding to create a well-designed website. Not that you can't use coding if you want to, but if you find it a hassle, you don't have to bother.  


But I'm not just a good choice for beginners. Because of my flexibility, I'm also a very popular choice for web designers who build sites for their clients. And because of my special Form widget available through Elementor Pro, digital marketing firms love me too. The widget allows them to build a wide variety of lead forms and connect them to email marketing services 


How About a Rundown of Your Top Five Key Features? 



Elementor: Oh, gosh. Where do I begin? I'll enumerate to make it easy for you: 


1. I've Got a Full Library of Pre-Designed, High Quality Templates and Page Sections: Are you brand new to designing a website? Maybe you have a bit of experience but need some inspiration. My professionally designed templates make it easy for anyone to get started without having to build something from scratch. All you need to do is the tweaking.  


2. Live Editing: I allow my users a preview of just what their finished page will look like to a visitor to their site right while they're building it. And with simple drag and drop and right-click editing, I make it really easy to do! 


3. Responsive Designs: Whether you're looking at my pages on a laptop or a smartphone, I'm designed to make sure what you see looks good on every device. 


4. Add Dynamic Content to Your Theme Designs: Dynamic Content allows you to take content from one place on your WordPress site and automatically add it into your Elementor designs. For example, is real estate your business? With dynamic content, you can add custom fields like bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage to your real estate website and the dynamic content feature will automatically plug the correct information under each listing that it draws from custom fields.  


5. Special Features: Are you interested in including an eCommerce store on your site? Do you want to include popups? My Elementor Pro version lets you add special features like these.  


Those Are Some of the Pros, But Are There Any Cons With Using You? 



Well, Watson, I know you're just trying to be objective, so I'll try not to hold it against you.  


Now, I'm not naming names, but some say that pages built with me can tend to load a little slower.  


Beyond that, the criticisms are mostly against my freemium version. While it's true you can put together a decent site with it, it's often said the better templates are only available through the commercial Elementor Pro option.  


Those same complaints extend to customer service. I'm offered with 24/7 voice call support, but that's also only available for Elementor Pro users. My free version doesn't offer support, although there are any number of tutorials you can find online for guidance. The extras in Elementor Pro, which also includes customer service, is sort of a built-in incentive to upgrade to that paid version.  


So How Much Do You Cost? 



As I mentioned, I'm what is known as a freemium plugin. That means my core page builder is free but that I'm also offered with premium priced options. My Elementor Pro add-on starts at $49/month and gets you access to things like a WooCommerce Builder, a Popup Builder, a broader range of professional templates, many more elements, and more.  


Any Final Comments? 



Some might say that a plugin isn't human, and I can't really disagree. But I'll argue the point that I do have some admirable human qualities. For starters, I'm quite intuitive. And if I can't be a friend, I am certainly user-friendly. Plus, I'm always growing, always adding more useful features.  


It's elementary, my dear Watson. There's a reason why I'm the leading website builder for WordPress. There's a reason why I have a 4.7-star rating on If you're looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page builder, whether you go with the free or premium version, I, Elementor, am definitely a great choice. 


Need to Know More? 



We hope you enjoyed our interview with this popular WordPress page builder, but if you want to know more about it, feel free to fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch. And while we make no promises, if you want one, we might even try to get you an autograph! 

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