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What is marketing and how can digital marketing help my business?

Marketing is the proactive process of attracting interested consumers to your offerings.

This can be accomplish using sophisticated PPC campaigns, engaging social media strategies, and by focusing on growing organically through search engines (SEO). Marketing is not just about running ads though, it’s the entire customer experience, from having an engaging website, to producing great content, to having clearly defined goals. All marketing efforts should be measurable and should provide you with enough data to determine if your efforts are being successful or if you need to make adjustments.

Traffic Generation

Regardless of your industry, product, service, or type of website, attracting relevant traffic is key for long-term success. You can have the most appealing web design, the most innovative site features, and the best expertise, but if you cannot bring interested consumers to your offerings, you will not experience real growth.

We have the tools and the knowledge to help you generate massive traffic, highly qualified and ready to enter your sales funnel.

Get brand exposure across popular websites, get visitors interested in your offerings, and generate new leads.

website traffic

Here is a general overview of our traffic generation strategy:

  1. Define clear goals – actions you want site visitors to take (fill out a form, call your business, sign-up for your newsletter).
  2. Define your target audience and your buyer persona.
  3. Create engaging content around your offerings, your target audience, and the goals you defined.
  4. Monitor performance and track goal conversions using analytics software such as Google Analytics (goal conversion must be enabled for the AI platform to optimize your traffic).
  5. Generate and nurture new leads and guide them through your sales funnel.
Note: We use Traffic Jet – an artificial intelligence platform – to generate qualified traffic.

Whether you are using organic methods such as SEO, or you decide to implement a PPC strategy, your end goal is the same: to increase sales.

This is accomplish by attracting qualified traffic to your website. The aim is to capture people’s attention as they brows the internet and to entice any visitor to learn more about your services or products.

How to generate more website traffic

There are several factors that add value to your traffic generation efforts:

  • Keywords: keywords are the phrases users enter in search engines to find what they want or need. Keywords are used by search engines to connect active users with relevant topics or offerings related to what they are searching for. Because of this, keywords play a crucial role in the traffic generation process. Using the right keywords makes all the difference between a potential customer finding you or finding your competitors. Make sure you select keywords based on what your customer needs, and not based on search engines. Ask yourself: ‘what words would I type to find my products or services?’
  • Targeted Content: While producing content is one of the most powerful inbound marketing strategies out there, it is not enough to just write for the sake of writing. Your content needs to be targeted, needs to be relevant, and it needs to provide answers to questions your prospects are asking. The goal of producing content is to provide value to your readers and to establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. If you are producing low value, poor content, you can scare your readers away. Think about it, how many times have you visited a website with badly written content, and how likely are you to buy from that business? Or even revisit that particular website? Chances are that you will move on and never look back.
  • Shares on Social Media: Social media is the ideal place for content distribution. Readers can easily find, read, and share relevant content with their friends and across multiple platforms (especially if they can relate to it). This creates massive exposure for your business, and at the same time, it incentivizes other readers to visit your website and to brows through your offerings. You should always think carefully about the content you produce, aim at generating ‘how to’ guides, share industry-specific news, and provide tips and tricks to fix common problems your customers face. You want to make sure your content is sharable and informative, this way you can really leverage the power of social media.

Turn your website into a giant lead generation machine.

We have the tools and the expertise to help you generate relevant website traffic both: organically and using paid methods.

Our vast experience with inbound marketing allows us to find and implement the most efficient strategy to bring you thousands of visitors every month in the most cost-effective manner.

Local Marketing Services

You may not be aware but, approximately 85% of brand engagement for local businesses comes from local listings such as Google my business,Yelp, and similar online directories.

Phrases such as ‘near me’ and ‘in my city’ are being used more and more when conducting searches on Google.

This new trend is referred to as local marketing.

The idea is that if you operate a business in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and your offerings are consumed by customers in the same state/city, you should focus on growing in that area. Your business does not need to be visible in Texas if you cannot serve consumers in that area (unless you are a national business of course).

We focus on delivering real results for local businesses using a combination of local SEO, highly focused and targeted marketing strategies, and using business directories to generate more online exposure.


From GMB management, to building local citations, to using social media, our marketing efforts are guaranteed to produce tangible results.

Google My Business (GMB) Management
  • Google my Business (GMB) is an online business listing resource that allows you to create a profile for your company right on Google for FREE.
  • This type of listing is known as a business citation or local citation. Citations are one of the most efficient ways for a local-based company to begin attracting relevant traffic to their website or place of business.
  • Once your business listing has been verified, is active, and is properly optimized, your company has a higher chance of showingup at the top of local search results, known as the ‘3-Local-Pack’.

Showing up in local search results can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways of generating new leads and sales:

  • You get brand exposure within your local community
  • Your business profile is easily found by customers in your area
  • Prospective customers can easily click the ‘directions’ button to get to your business
  • Your business is seen by consumers interested in your offerings as they search on Google
  • Interested consumers can quickly click the ‘call’ button to get in touch with you
  • and the business listing is completely free

If you provide services to a particular city or state, local marketing is the best marketing strategy to reach your ideal customer:

  • Get an enticing and targeted business description.
  • List your services and products using a combination of preexisting categories and manually defined categories.
  • Add photos and videos to help you get your point across and showcase your work.
  • Include hours of operation, phone number, and business address.
  • Select your service area and define all areas where you operate.
  • Share relevant content, product or service releases, and much more!

Ready to grow your local business?

PPC Management

If you are not familiar with the term Pay-Per-Click (PPC), it is a popular advertising strategy that allows you to promote your services and products across the internet using ads. The biggest benefit to PPC is the fact that you pay only when someone clicks your ad.

  • You can run PPC campaigns using search engines, through social media, using video sharing platforms, and across blogs and other popular websites.
  • You can use PPC to test the viability of your offerings. In fact, we encourage all entrepreneurs to start their new ventures using PPC techniques. This allows you to find out if customers are interested in buying what you’re selling, before investing in an organic strategy such as SEO.
  • You can attract consumers to your content, to a dedicated product page (landing page), and you can also run brand awareness ads.

We make use of the following platforms for all our advertising services:

  • Google ads – to run search engine and display ads
  • YouTube – to run video marketing campaigns
  • Facebook – for social ads
  • Traffic Jet – to distribute ads across hundreds of popular websites and high-traffic networks using artificial intelligence (AI)

Managing a PPC strategy entails continuous monitoring and testing of your active ads to gage their effectiveness.

This requires a great deal of time and dedication, which may make it more challenging to manage on your own considering all aspects of managing your business’s day-to-day.

That is why we are here: to make your life easier by taking on all the responsibilities while you concentrate on providing an outstanding experience for every customer.

Ready to transform your sales?

Search Engine Ads
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of PPC that focuses on running ads using search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • SEM is different from SEO in that search engine optimization focuses on growing a business using organic techniques, where search engine marketing focuses on attracting leads and customers using paid advertising.
  • SEO tends to be a longer process, taking between 4 to 6 months to produce consistent results, SEM on the other hand has the potential to start delivering results within weeks if not days.
Note: we use Google Ads exclusively for all our search advertising campaigns.
  • Search engine advertising allows you to create alluring ads and to then place those ads right in front of your ideal consumer. This is done using a combination of keyword targeting, demographic targeting, and location targeting
  • Search engine ads are extremely effective because you get to place your ads in front of interested consumers as they are searching on Google or any other search engine
  • You get several opportunities to place your offerings in front of interested prospects at the perfect time multiple times per day, exponentially increasing the chances someone will click

Show your ads to thousands of users every day, pay only when a customer clicks your ad.

  • Search engine ads are the perfect starting point for entrepreneurs and for startups. You get to promote your offerings across thousands of prospective consumers, you get massive exposure, you pay only when your ad is clicked, and you get to test the viability of your services or products.
  • At the same time, search ads are the ideal tool for those larger businesses with a stronger organic presence.Picture a scenario where your business ad shows up at the top of search results, your Google listing shows up at the top of local search (the 3-local-pack), and one of your primary pages is found in the first page of organic results, your reach would be absurd.
  • With that level of exposure, customers would feel almost obligated to check your offerings out.

Basic elements of search engine ads (When using Google Ads):

  • 3 headlines – Which include relevant keywords and attention-grabbing calls to action for a bigger impact.
  • Link Display URL – which allows you to create a unique URL to give the reader a better idea of what they can expect from the landing page.
  • 2 Descriptions – which allow you to provide additional information about your offerings, including enticing calls to action (CTAs).
  • Ad Extensions – which allows additional links and CTAs to be added, giving you even more visibility in search results.

Start growing your business using search engine advertising, get highly qualified clicks, target the best keywords and generate new leads on a weekly basis.


Display Ads
  • Similar to search advertising, display advertising is the process of promoting a business, a service, or a product across the internet using ads.
  • Unlike search engine ads though (which uses a more active approach to target consumers), display ads use a more passive approach to target a broad audience as they browse the internet.
  • Display ads showcase promotions using a combination of visual elements such as images and videos, as well as using text to make the offer even more attractive to the reader.
  • Display ads can be found in almost all types of websites: from eCommerce stores, to online communities, informational blogs, social media platforms, and even some business websites.
  • Reach your ideal buyer using powerful and visually appealing display ads, no matter your industry:

  • Generate Massive Brand Exposure with site placement ads – create awareness around your offerings by targeting specific websites where you want your ads to appear. The idea here is to target those websites that your target customer is likely to visit.
  • Find consumers ready to buy with contextual ads –These are ads that are placed across websites with similar topics as your offerings. For example, an iPhone ad placed in a website that talks about phone reviews.
  • Encourage website visitors to act with remarketing ads – These are ads that target those individuals who have interacted with your website or social profiles. This is the perfect strategy to motivate prospects to take that final step and make a purchase.

Why should you include display ads in your marketing campaigns?

  • Display advertising is extremely effective for giving your brand extensive exposure
  • You can reach different audiences using interest-based targeting
  • You can promote your offerings in a variety of formats
  • You can easily boost your customer acquisition efforts
  • You can promote your content and website across millions of websites
  • And, most importantly, display advertising is very affordable

Work with a professional marketing company to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at increasing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and at growing your sales.

Video Creation & Video Marketing

Are you looking for innovative video creation services to help you showcase your expertise?

Do you have a limited budget, yet seek the most extensive exposure for your business?

Digital Innovations has just what you need!

We offer cutting-edge video creation and marketing services to get your company the exposure it needs to wow every customer.

Generate brand awareness, boost website traffic, and increase your sales with our professional video creation services.


Video Creation and Marketing – Why is it Necessary for Your Business?

A well-executed video creation and marketing campaign can significantly boost website visibility and can generate massive brand exposure.


Here are some of the benefits of running a video marketing campaign:

  • Showcase your brand and offerings in an innovative way
  • Engage with prospective customers as they brows YouTube and other video platforms
  • Use interest-based targeting to place your videos in front of your ideal buyer
  • Generate more website visitors (generate qualified traffic)
  • Increase leads and conversion rates

Our creative video services include:

  • A professionally made video – explainer videos, animated videos (2D and 3D), and custom video campaigns.
  • Video Optimization – tag your video with the proper titles, descriptions, and keywords, which are determined after thorough research.
  • Video Distribution – Share your video across several popular video platforms including YouTube and Google my Business as well as other online portals and social media networks to help promote it.
  • Get a free consultation to help formulate a plan and campaign theme for your video creation.

YouTube and other video platforms have experienced massive surge in popularity over the last several years, resulting in numerous videos going viral from time to time.

It is this powerful trend of the ‘viral video’ that we aim to capitalize upon, giving your business the exposure and publicity it needs on the web.

Video marketing is a powerful and affordable way of reaching your intended audience.

Explore video opportunities for your business and experience exponential growth.

Social Media Profile Creation

Social media has become one of the most powerful organic resources when it comes to promoting your business and connecting with your target audience on a more personal level.

There are major benefits for business owners: brand awareness, sharing relevant content, and releasing new products and services. There are endless opportunities for organic exposure, but more importantly, almost all major social networks are completely free.

It is crucial to ensure you have a solid presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at a minimum.

It’s important to also realize that creating a business profile is entirely different than creating a personal profile.


We have a dedicated group of social media marketing professionals with expertise in everything related to social media:

  • Get a professional social media profile created across all major platforms
  • Add high resolution stock photos (or include photos of your work) to help you get your point across exactly as intended
  • Get targeted descriptions related to your business and industry
  • Incorporate your target keywords and attract qualified visitors
  • Set geolocation, hours of operation, and service areas to reach customers in your local community
  • Implement proper calls to action (CTAs) to encourage your visitors to act

Remember, social media profiles are not just profiles, they are channels through which you can get more traffic, more leads, and more customers.

Work with a professional social media marketing company that can deliver tangible results for your business.

Social Media Management Services

The marketing industry has experienced drastic transformations over the last several years. The popularity of social media has created new opportunities for businesses to connect on a more personal level with potential consumers.

Social media, these days, is considered as important as maintaining a web presence was considered a decade ago. In fact, many startups have found exceptional success by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and in more recent days, TikTok.

Obviously, not everyone has the time or resources to maintain an active presence across multiple social media platforms, let alone the expertise and experience.

And this is where Digital Innovations can make a difference: we offer highly personalized social media management services, perfectly affordable and fully customized to help you meet your business goals.

Our social media services include:

  • A dedicated social media manager to maintain your account at all times
  • Cross-platform management services – we can manage 1 or all your social media accounts
  • Professional and engaging posts aimed at increasing social likes and follows
  • Continuous maintenance to enhance interaction with users and expand your user base
social media management
  • Managing your social media effectively requires time, attention to detail, and dedication, but the opportunities are endless
  • There are millions of active users every hour. Users that can be turned into leads, and eventually into loyal customers
  • With the proper strategy in place, you can turn your social media pages into lead generation machines

Start leveraging social media for your business and experience rapid growth.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is the process of promoting your business and offerings to potential consumers using social media ads and posts.

Social media platforms contain billions of active users across all age ranges, and with a variety of interests, and as a result, social media has become an extremely powerful and cost-effective tool for business owners.

Is social media advertising a good fit for my business?

The answer to this question without a doubt is YES.

  • Social media allows you to run ads in an affordable way.
  • You can target consumers using demographics, using preexisting interactions with your website (remarketing), and using interest-based targeting.
  • You get organic exposure.
  • You can generate new leads.
  • You can run awareness ads (to maximize brand exposure).
  • You can promote relevant content.
  • You can share relevant news about your business or new offerings.
  • You can turn your posts into ads.

There are plenty of opportunities to expand your business reach and to boost sales using social media. The key is having the expertise to create the right type of message and to set the appropriate targeting.

Stress-free social media ads with Digital Innovations:

We have the experience and expertise to put together a highly focused social media advertising strategy that’s sure to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and that will reach thousands of consumers every day:

  • Dedicated marketing specialist – Get a dedicated social media specialist to work on building your advertising campaign from beginning to end
  • Industry research – Make the most out of your budget with highly targeted campaigns using industry best practices.
  • Test and adjust – Test multiple ads and have the dedicated marketing specialist make any necessary adjustments to maximize performance.
  • See results – See the results in action with our weekly performance reports and by paying attention to your business activity.

Turn social media users into paying customers with our strategic advertising.


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