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Custom Websites for Rent or Sale

June 21, 2021
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Website renting is the modern way of getting online! 


Get your business online in as little as 4 weeks. Forget about highly priced designs or the expensive cost of content creation. Rent one of our custom websites instead and get online fast. 


It basically works like this:

  • You tell us what type of business you have and the industry you are in
  • We ask you for your business name so we can get the proper domain name (or something very similar if unavailable)
  • We begin to create content uniquely made for your business and industry
  • We give you the new content for review
  • We give you multiple mockups for the new site – so you can select the want you like
  • We begin designing the new site until it’s perfect
  • And finally, we give you your new site so you can start wowing prospects

Just like renting an apartment, but easier! 


What are the benefits of renting a website? 


Website renting is a fairly new concept in the web design world. The main benefit to you as a consumer is the fact that you can get started with a very small budget. So instead of having to come up with 2000 dollars for the design, another 15 hundred for the web copy, and another 400 for hosting, you can get started for as low as $200. 


One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that even if you rent a custom website, you will still need content for your blog. But again, hiring a monthly article writing service is not as expensive as some companies might want you to believe. In fact, you can get around 4 articles of premium content written by American writers for as low as $360. And that’s not a bad deal if you ask me.  

Keep in mind that if you have the time or a dedicated employee for content, this isn’t even a concern. Basically, you are spending a 10th of the amount you would have spent if you were getting a custom site from scratch. Those kinds of savings can be the difference between explosive growth and getting stuck with no money to promote your business. 


But who owns everything? 


When you rent a website, the web design company owns all the content with the exception of the images or other web copy items provided by you. The reason they own everything is because the website that you are getting is custom made from scratch. The web copy is specifically created to help you meet your business objectives, the images used come from premium sources, and the web hosting service is made for fast performance. In other words, you are getting the $5000 design at a fraction of the cost. 


Could I buy the website later on? 


Yes, absolutely. Website renting is the perfect option to get online with a small budget, a great starter option. But, once you begin to see sales and gain more customers, you should seriously consider buying the rights to all site elements.

In most instances, the website design company will take into consideration the number of months you’ve had the site and will normally sell you the rights to everything at a very reasonable price (note that the domain name requires a yearly registration fee – around $12 or so per year paid to the domain registrar). 


Who is responsible for website maintenance? 


In most cases, the website design company is responsible for ensuring everything works with the new site. That’s the beauty of website renting! They are responsible for security, system updates, technical fixes, and graphical fixes. The design company also creates periodic site backups to ensure that your site can be up and running in case something goes wrong. Total peace of mind! 

If you decide to buy the website later on, you can most likely negotiate a fair price for maintenance and for hosting with the design company. This way you own everything, but the web design company continues to be in charge of the technical stuff. 


How is the new website built? 


That depends on the web designerThere aren’t a lot of companies doing this out there, we have been disrupting the web design market with this highly innovative approach. Here at Digital Innovations, we use WordPress for all our designs. We use premium builders to craft the perfect site with the look you want.

Other web companies might use Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or any of the many web design platforms out there. Keep in mind that if a third-party provider like Wix is used, there might be other charges associated with running the new site. We decided to use WordPress because is free to get and its extremely powerful, no matter what type of website you may need. 


Can I cancel my new website if my business goes south? 


Yes, you can. Have peace of mind. Most web renting providers do have a 12-month lease period but if your business is not working as expected you can submit a 60-day notice and the site will be taken offline. The whole purpose of renting custom websites is to give you the flexibility of growing and if the business is not growing as expected, you have the option to terminate the site (that’s why we call website renting the modern way of getting online). 


Ok, I want to learn more! 


How does it work?  


Our process is super simple:

  • First, We schedule a 30-minute session to answer all your questions
  • We sit down, grab a virtual coffee and discuss your business and industry to ensure our websites are the right fit
  • We go over your business goals
  • We review all your business details to create the perfect plan for growing sales
  • And after the plan is ready and you are happy with it, we begin the design process
  • Everything about your new site is created from scratch (web copy, premium images, contact forms, live chats or bots, the works!)


We provide everything:

  • Multiple mockups so you can select the one you like the most
  • Premium web copy written by 5-star American writers
  • Amazing graphics to complement your site and content (photos of your work are also welcomed and encouraged)
  • The new site includes key business details such as phone number, address, and hours of operation
  • Forms and calls to act are included to encourage site visitors to contact you
  • Includes customer reviews
  • Includes links to all your business social media profiles
  • Includes custom tools or features for your particular business (whatever you may need, seriously, whatever!)
  • Includes Google analytics for tracking site visitors (all our sites included Google analytics at no extra cost for installation)
  • Includes installation of Facebook messenger (optional)
  • Includes linking to HubSpot CRM for managing your clients (or we can install a CRM of your choice)
  • Site goes through our SEO audit tool to fix all technical issues
  • We manually submit your site to Google for indexing
  • Site is also submitted to Bing for indexing
  • GMB creation and optimization options available as an extra service (this service helps you get more customers)

What happens after the site is ready? 


Get ready to start closing deals! 


Once your new site goes live you can begin promoting it and attracting new visitors. We encourage you to create a Google my business profile and your social media profiles at the same time the site is being built. This way everything is ready to go when the site is complete. 


Can you promote my new site? 


Yes, we can. Depending on your industry, we can create a local marketing campaign to get customers in your local area to call or email you. Or we can also implement a larger organic campaign to help you become a big player nationwide. 


What do you use to promote my business locally? 


The most effective marketing tool for small businesses is Google my business. This tool allows you to create a free business listing right on Google and if you add our magic touch, we can find and implement the best keywords, so you always show up at the right place and at the right time. You can manage your own Google my business too, use this guide to learn what you need to do. 


Could you promote my business on social media? 


Yes, absolutely. We maintain relationships with some of the biggest social media influencers and can create massive exposure around your services and products. 


Could you write content for my blog once the new site goes live? 


100%! We have some of the most amazing writers on hand and unlike other companies, we do not give you 4- or 3-star writers, all our content is created by professional American writers. Don’t believe me? Just browse through our blog so you can take a look for yourself. 


Could you rank my site on Google? 

Absolutely! The process of getting your site to show on Google is called search engine optimization (SEO) for short. SEO is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight, but we do have the knowledge and know-how to get your business to show before the competition. 


If you operate within a dedicated city or state, we can create a local SEO plan to help you rank first in your local city or state using Google my business. Our local clients love this service because it’s like having a money machine. 


Custom Websites for Rent: the perfect starter option!  


Renting a website is the modern alternative to starting a business in the most affordable way possible. 0 complications, premium content, 0 risk, and a dedicated team of technical experts that takes care of the boring backend so you can focus on crushing the competition. Website renting is the alternative that large web design agencies don’t want you to know about. 


Ready to rent a custom website for your business? 


Talk to one of our representatives to see how our websites for rent can help you create huge growth for your business in an affordable way: 



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