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Why getting a custom website design is the best investment you can make for your business?

April 02, 2021
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With modest startup budgets, many small and micro-sized businesses use drag-and-drop website builders to create their commercial websites. Although the results can certainly be aesthetically pleasing, these tools are rarely capable of producing the unique, engaging, and ultimately responsive platforms that businesses need and deserve. In fact, this is how many companies wind up with websites that are slow or difficult to optimize, and that often look startlingly similar to the sites of their competitors.


As the primary means for connecting with, educating, and converting prospects, your website is the most valuable digital resource that your business will ever have. It should be properly coded and otherwise technically fit for meeting the high demands of major search engines. It should be also easy to navigate, and both visible and accessible on a broad range of devices. Most important of all, your website should perfectly match your brand personality, goals, and mission. These are all attributes that can only be gained through custom website design.

What Custom Website Design Is:


 As you shop your options for building a website, you're guaranteed to come across numerous ideas about what custom website design is. With limited digital experience, you may think that a custom website is simply one that you haven't built yourself. The term "custom design" generally applies to anything that's created or done on behalf of a client. Customization, however, can mean the modification of a standard product so that it becomes better-suited to a specific company or task. Thus, some custom website design services use templates, themes, and other tools as the basis of their work.

 In its purest definition, custom website design is building a website from the ground up, and with a brand's message, personality, needs, and goals in mind. True custom design services do not rely on templates, platforms, or themes for their work. Their results are entirely unique and carefully tailored to the individual client.

Avoid Security Issues With Custom Website Design Services


Templates and website builders garner a lot of trust that's hardly well-deserved. For instance, WordPress is only guaranteed to be secure at its core level of functionality. When company owners build their sites themselves, each time a new widget or plugin is added, the potential for security issues arises. This is one of the top reasons why all new business owners should consider outsourcing web design and development. In addition to being built with the latest and most cutting-edge techniques, professionally designed websites are stringently tested for security issues both before their launch and as part of the ongoing management process. As such, consumers can confidently use them to share personal information, complete payments, and more.

Simplify Your SEO Campaigns and Save Money


Search engine optimization (SEO) is about far more than publishing keyword-rich content or building massive amounts of links. To rank well with major search engines, websites must be well-designed and all-around technically fit. With professionals at the helm of this project, you won't have to worry about:

  • Enhancing user experience by inserting the right internal links
  • Arriving at a mobile- and user-friendly site architecture
  • Determining which web pages will be inspected by search engine bots
  • Creating keyword-rich page URLs, image tags, and meta data


Custom web design is typically a joint effort that's handled by seasoned designers, web developers, SEO consultants, and online marketing specialists.


Get a Site That's Sufficiently Scalable


One major drawback of using low-cost drag-and-drop site builders is the inability to make essential changes in your website's structure and functionality as your business evolves. Websites built with templates are typically meant to be static. More often than not, these sites aren't properly maintained or updated to reflect the changing needs of companies or their clients. Conversely, with custom website design services, you'll have the flexibility and freedom that scalability provides. You'll get a solid architecture as your website's initial roadmap is laid out, but it will still be possible to add to or alter the functionality of this platform, and to incorporate new content as needed. Best of all, you won't have to worry about making these changes on your own.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

Not only should your website be scalable, but the hosting solutions that support it should be scalable as well. As a startup, your modest budget and limited incoming traffic may allow you to pay for a simple shared hosting service. As your customer base grows and site traffic increases, you'll invariably need a stronger hosting solution. Using custom website design services will give you access to:


  • Customized security
  • Auto data and file backups
  • Staging environments that are easy to design and implement
  • Easy integration with other tools and platforms
  • The ability to upgrade to a dedicated server from a shared one as needed


Low-cost website builders solve the short-term problem of needing a website now. In so doing, they often create a vast range of long-term issues, particularly for companies that intend to remain in business for years to come. Platforms that are built with these tools can be difficult and expensive to optimize, lack adequate flexibility for accommodating growth, and fail to meet the needs of prospects and clients who are surfing the web via tablets or mobile phones.

In closing:


Truly custom website design gives business owners the benefit of platforms that are scalable, brand-specific and unique, engaging, and responsive. Although paying for professional web design services might seem pricey now, it's guaranteed to save you money in the future. About 60% of the work done by web designers is fixing existing DIY websites. So, save yourself some stress and invest in a powerful website that will hypnotize your prospects the moment they land on it.

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