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Why Avoid Cheap WordPress Hosting

August 09, 2021
6 reasons to avoid cheap wordpress hosting

If you’re anything like many new bloggers and marketers, you probably think that cheap WordPress hosting is a bargain, since shared hosting plans that offer WordPress as a service typically cost less than $3 per month. After all, WordPress is a high-quality, robust platform that offers many useful features for building websites and has such low server resource requirements.

So how can you go wrong? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to avoid cheap WordPress hosting.  


Many of these reasons are very practical since shared hosting simply isn’t designed for running even the simplest of websites. So, if you’re looking for an answer to the question, "Should I get cheap WordPress hosting?" here are six reasons why you should probably look elsewhere. 


6 Reasons to Avoid Cheap WordPress Hosting 


If WordPress is the core of your online presence, then WordPress hosting is the backbone of your WordPress site. It's what keeps your site accessible across the web, and it's what enables you to upload content, manage your site, run your blog, and allows your potential clients to connect with you.  


But to really take advantage of all that WordPress has to offer, you need a WordPress hosting provider that offers an impressive set of features and services which unfortunately isn't always the case with the cheapest WordPress hosting providers. 


But when you're new to the world of WordPress, you might be tempted by the alluringly low price tag of cheap WordPress hosting, only to find that your effort is quickly counteracted by buggy server configuration and limits on-site functionality. 


Enlisted are six definitive reasons why you should probably avoid cheap WordPress hosting. 


1. Severe Resource Limitations 

To deliver a fraction of the functionality at a similar price to standard shared hosting, cheap WordPress hosting companies have to use a lot less processing power and memory. This means that you’ll quickly run into trouble if you try to process a lot of data on your site or try to run any kind of serious and engaging blog.  

Many cheap WordPress hosting companies take this to the extreme by offering a mere 128MB of RAM, outdated HDD storage, and limited computing power from decade-old server processors. This severely limits your ability to run a professional-looking site with any kind of engaging content, let alone one that's optimized for search engines. 


2. Limited or No Backups 

Since cheap WordPress hosting companies have to skimp on hardware and software, they sometimes don’t have the means to maintain your site or to provide proper backups in the event of a hardware failure. Even if the hosting provider does offer backups, it’s not uncommon for these features to be unreliable or for them to be included on the same server that houses your site.  

This often means that you’re stuck with a damaged site if something happens to your hosting account, and you have no way to fix it. If you’re serious about your online presence, then you need a WordPress hosting provider that offers reliable backups and 24/7 technical support. 

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3. Inexperienced Support 

Many cheap WordPress hosting companies hide behind a generic customer support line. This means that you’ll likely get an inexperienced support representative who may not be familiar with the intricacies of WordPress. For instance, they may not be familiar with how to fix certain problems that are specific to WordPress such as non-responsive pages, database errors, slow website performance, or any other issue that may arise.  

Instead of offering personalized assistance, these representatives will often ask you to provide detailed information about your site in order to troubleshoot your problem. This can waste a lot of your time as you’re often asked to provide the same information over and over again. And in some cases, you may even get a recording asking you to leave a phone message instead of being assisted live by a human being. 

All of this means that you’ll likely have a much harder time resolving any issues that arise and will be forced to endure an experience similar to fighting an unknown enemy with no instruction manual. 


4. Severe Security Issues 

In today's digital age, your website is a representation of your business, and online security is paramount. That's why you need a reliable and reputable WordPress hosting provider that will not only offer top-notch security but also have the expertise and resources to ensure that your site is well protected from any malicious activity. 

Unfortunately, cheap WordPress hosting companies often have staffing issues when it comes to WordPress security. This means that you’re likely to deal with poorly trained technical support representatives who may not be fully aware of the latest threats and vulnerabilities. This could lead to severe security breaches that compromise your entire website. 

5. Hidden Costs 

It’s all well and good to claim that your hosting plan has no extra fees, but anyone who’s spent time researching cheap WordPress hosting companies will tell you that’s rarely the case. In fact, if you do a little legwork, you’ll find that the majority of these hosting companies bundle on additional services and hefty recurring fees that you’ll be forced to pay without any prior notice.  

Many of these hidden costs are minor such as transaction fees or set-up costs for things like email accounts and automated backup systems. However, others are more insidious such as non-disclosure agreements or fees charged for "professional" assistance services that aren’t readily available through the WordPress Support Forums. 

6. Damaged SEO 

When you want to drive organic traffic to your business, usability is the name of the game. This unfortunately isn't possible with any cheap WordPress hosting provider. Why? Well because they limit you on server resources you can use on performance optimization, greater usability, and on-page SEO.


WordPress with its repository of millions of plugins empowers you to optimize your website for visitors and SEO with literally just one click. But most of these plugins require access to sufficient RAM and computation power to do their job. This is where cheap WordPress hosting companies fail you. They often limit you on these essential resources, ultimately rendering your website inaccessible to a significant chunk of potential website traffic that could eventually become your life-long customers or readers. 

So, if you really want to gain the advantage over your competitors with organic SEO, grow your brand and its authority organically and drive inbound traffic to your site, then you need a reliable and WordPress optimized hosting provider that has the resources and expertise to support you in your endeavor. And in all honesty, that's not cheap. But considering that your online presence is a representation of your business, you can definitely spend a few more bucks a month to get one that offers the level of performance optimization and SEO that you need to become a top-ranking authority site. 


Cheap WordPress hosting companies are a dying breed, and you should definitely avoid them. In all honesty, if you want to run a successful WordPress website, you should be using a self-managed or managed WordPress hosting provider from the start. These specialized hosting services bring you the best of both worlds, offering you the same level of functionality and ease of use that you’re accustomed to with WordPress while giving you the needed resources and technical support to run a successful SEO-optimized website. 

Don’t forget to check out our review of the top hosting providers in the USA so you can make the right choice. 

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