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The Buzz About Brizy Visual Page Builder

July 19, 2021
busy bee

The folks at Brizy like to say Brizy Builder is the most user-friendly website builder in town. But isn't that a bit like your Mom saying you're the best little boy or girl in the whole wide world? (And that's assuming you're an only child). Brizy does have a lot of the common features found in other popular builders that promote ease of use. But is it the best? Let's take an objective look at this fairly new but popular WordPress page builder and see just what all the buzz is about.  


Brizy's Got Good Genes 

Brizy may be one of the newer kids on the block, but it didn't just appear out of nowhere. Launched in the spring of 2018, it was brought to us by the same industry experts behind ThemeFuse, a web design studio that creates premium WordPress themes, the open-source WordPress framework Unyson, and PixelKit, a user interface kit designer. This team has been building web projects for twelve years and boasts some 400,000 customers globally. That's reassuring.  


Brizy Offers Both Standard and Unique Features 

If you've read anything about ElementorDiviBeaver Builder, or any of the other top WP page builder plugins, you're probably familiar with some of the features like drag and drop, real-time editing, in-place text editing, as well as no coding experience required that are most desirable for beginner users. Brizy doesn't disappoint in this area, and it also offers a few more surprises. Let's take a look at some of the best things Brizy has to offer. 


1. A Very Generous Free Version 

When you download the free Brizy page builder from either the Brizy site or the WordPress plugin repository, you get a lot of premium tools many of which are only available with the paid options from other page builders. These include a variety of templates, 26 builder elements, loads of professionally designed blocks, visual contact forms, sliders, tabs, entry animations, video backgrounds, over 4,000 vector icons, and much, much more.  


2. Brizy Cloud 

Brizy offers a hosted cloud option that does not require WordPress installation but that uses the same easy user interface and page builder as the WordPress plugin. And while Brizy Cloud and Brizy WordPress are two separate products, they can be synced to be used together.  


3. Responsive Control 


Build a website without responsive design, and it's pretty much useless. That's why Brizy is built with three viewports--desktop, tablet, and mobile--so your visitors will have a comfortable user experience no matter how they arrive at your site. And you can control how things look right down to the most minor details. By the way, it's another feature that comes with Brizy's free version. 


4. Easy Undo/Redo and Autosave Features 


Changed your mind about a detail? Made a mistake? Brizy's undo and redo features make it quick and easy to start over if need be. And the autosave feature ensures you'll never lose your work.  


5. Image Focus and Zoom 


Lack photoshop skills? This unique feature is one not typically offered by other page builders and it allows you to edit images in real-time. Focus on an image, zoom in and out or pan it around. It's a great tool, especially if you plan to build a site heavily populated with photographs and other images.  


Are There Any Drawbacks I Should Be Aware Of?  


Even the best little boy or girl in the world has a few qualities they can improve on. The biggest issue about Brizy is that it is new, and as with all new products it can take a little time to notice bugs and fix them. Brizy has been doing a pretty good job at addressing them, but if you read any comments in Brizy reviews, it's clear there's still work to be done.  


When it comes to customer support, Brizy offers a Help Center with live chat and Facebook Messenger, which some claim lacks in-depth content. On the plus side, Brizy offers ample helpful tutorials that guide users through its various features. It does not, however, provide telephone customer support.  


If you choose to uninstall Brizy, you won't be left with a fully clean code.  


OK Mom, But Is Brizy a Good Value for the Money? 



With so many quality features available in the free version, Brizy is definitely worth investigating. And if you want to build a simple, small website, an online portfolio, or a handful of landing pages, it may be all you need.  


If, however, you're interested in adding marketing features, then the Pro version at $49/year may be the better investment. Brizy Pro allows you to design up to three sites and you'll get over 250 premium designs, plus updates and support for a full year. You also get access to the Brizy Cloud platform. It comes with a 30-day, 100 percent money-back guarantee. 


For the web designing crowd, Brizy offers a $99/year Studio plan that provides everything in the Pro plan but for an unlimited number of sites. And while it may be overkill to purchase it, there's also a one-time $ 299-lifetime plan available that includes everything in the Studio plan, plus white labeling.  


So Is Brizy a Worthy Contender?  


Short answer: Yes. Brizy has an intuitive, easy-to-use, and uncluttered interface with some great features, and it works with nearly every WordPress theme. Those are big plusses, especially if you're a beginner in the design process.  


You just need to be aware that they are young and growing, so have a little patience if everything isn't immediately perfect. And here we'll let you in on a little secret: Things are rarely perfect no matter which page builder you choose to go with. 


Have more questions about Brizy? Have more questions about building the beautiful website of your dreams? If so, we can steer you in the right direction. Just fill out the form below and we'll fill you in on all the latest buzz about putting together a website that truly delivers. 


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