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Let’s Jaw About Beaver Builder

July 15, 2021
Angry beaver

Are you the eager-beaver type? Someone who wants to get an attractive, productive website put together quickly so it can start working for you and growing your business right away? If you're working with WordPress, then the Beaver page builder might be a good choice. Let's jaw a little about this popular WordPress plugin and find out just what it has to offer. 


What Is Beaver Builder?  


First things first. Beaver Builder is the flagship software product of San Francisco, California-based FastLine Media. Launched in 2014, it is both a theme and a page builder for WordPress users. You can use the page builder, also called a plugin, with the Beaver Builder theme, but it also works with any theme. To date, Beaver Builder has helped to build over 175,000 websites worldwide.  


And Now for an Important Word About Beavers 


Beavers are arguably the most industrious of the rodent class. They use their teeth to drop large trees then drag some of what they dropped to construct a safe and solid home. If you study up on them, you'll find they are quite an ingenious breed of animal.  


Lovely. But what's that got to do with Beaver Builder? Well, Beaver Builder is kind of the same but in reverse order. As a page builder, it allows you to drag then drop things into place. Its features allow you to easily construct a safe and solid website for your business.  


If you look at some of the top page builders for WordPress, you'll find they utilize this same drag and drop technique. That's because both beginners and seasoned web designers alike find the technique so easy to use.  


What other features does Beaver Builder offer that appeal to website builders?  


Beaver Builder's Very Best Features  


Thinking about creating a new business website? Get the free website design questionnaire and prepare like the pros. Click here to download it! 


We could spend hours talking about Beaver Builder, but that ham sandwich, or two o'clock meeting, or eye appointment might be looming. For that reason, we'll keep it to the top five. (Which is really the top seven, since we already mentioned drag and drop and the fact that it works with any theme. See how clever we are!)  


Front-End Editing  


Some page builders require web designers to work on the back end of a site then take added steps to check in to see how their efforts will look for visitors. Not so with Beaver Builder. You get to see in real-time what they see, a feature that makes your work that much easier.  


Coding Knowledge is NOT Required  


With some page builders, it can be a non-starter if you don't have a background in HTML or CSS coding. However, you don't need to know a thing about coding to put together a site with Beaver Builder. Phew! If, however, you do know a thing or two about it and want to add CSS, HTML, or JavaScript code, you can do so as well.  


Loads of Ready-Made Page Templates and Content Elements  


You can certainly build a website from scratch with Beaver Builder, but if you prefer a little more guidance, this handy plugin offers 50 templates to choose from in building landing and About, Services, and other content pages for your site.  


Mobile Responsive and SEO-Friendly  


In today's go-go world, not everyone is going to be accessing your website while in an office setting. Your site needs to read well not only on laptops and desktops but also on smartphones and tablets. And so long as you choose a responsive theme, you'll get that with Beaver Builder.  


WooCommerce Compatible  


Ready to start building an online store? Beaver Builder's drag and drop feature makes it easy to arrange your product line for online sales. And it comes with full support for WooCommerce.  


I've Heard Beaver Builder is On the Pricey Side? Is That True?  


It is, at least compared to its top competitors. And there's no way around that fact. On the plus side, however, no matter which of the three Beaver Builder paid plans you choose, you can use them on an unlimited number of sites.  


The standard plan goes for $99/year and includes premium modules and templates and support for one year. If you upgrade to the Pro plan for $199, you'll also get the Beaver Builder theme along with multi-site capabilities. This can be useful if you're a web designer who plans to use Beaver Builder as a base for client sites. 


Beaver Builder offers a third Agency plan for $399 that includes white labeling, a feature specifically geared toward companies that create websites for ad agencies, IT consultants, and other types of businesses that might need a generic site where they can just add their name or branding. For most businesses, however, it isn't a necessary option.  


It should be mentioned that Beaver Builder does offer a free plan, but it doesn't come with important features like ready-made templates. Still, if you want to get an idea of what Beaver Builder has to offer without making a financial commitment, checking out the free option may prove to be useful. 


Summing Things Up  


When considering any WordPress page builder, there are always going to be pros and cons. As with any purchase, you have to think about what you want out of a product and whether or not it can deliver for you. 


Pros of Choosing Beaver Builder  


All in all, the easy-to-use drag and drop and front-end editing features make it a good choice for beginners. Plus, no matter which package you purchase, the plugin comes with dedicated customer support.  


The Pro plan is a good option for website developers, too, as they are granted an unlimited number of sites to use for their customers. Plus, they can create custom modules.  


Beaver Builder also comes with WPML integration so it can be translated into any language--not a bad feature if you work with international users. Lastly, if you do decide to deactivate Beaver Builder, you won't be left with any pesky shortcodes. Nice.  


Cons of Choosing Beaver Builder  


We mentioned the cost, but at $99 for the standard plan, it's really not outrageous -- especially when you count in the customer support. However, it would be nice if they offered a lifetime plan.  


How Can We Help? 


We at Digital Innovations are always ready, willing, and able to help. If you think Beaver Builder might be the right page builder for your WordPress site but you have more questions, that's what we're here for.  


Just fill out the handy form below and we'll be in touch. Now go enjoy that ham sandwich that's waiting for you! 


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